Jan 10, 2016

I’ve been busy.

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Jan 4, 2016

A Brief History of Books That Do Not Exist

Love this: the Invisible Library.

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Dec 11, 2015

Books of Accidents

The human instinct for self-preservation manifests in interesting ways, especially when extended to insure the welfare of our progeny. Adults are constantly devising systems of rules to protect the youth of today so they will become the leaders of tomorrow. Fittingly, there is a curious— and long-lived—sub-genre of children’s literature specifically intended to counsel young’uns on the dangers of the world.

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Dec 8, 2015

Latest for Princeton Architectural Press, maybe my biggest index yet – and my fourth in their impressive campus guide series.

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Nov 25, 2015

Another beauty just completed for my client, Princeton Architectural Press.

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